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Just between us, Carolina Lemke’s eyeglasses are so irresistible that even those who don’t need them sometimes accessorize with a pair for a sophisticated look. As always we prepared a great collection for you this season, not only so you don’t miss out on any fashion trend but also so that you can enjoy a pair of quality eyeglasses, all equipped with our PRO OPTIC lenses as a standard.

The great stars of this winter are retro designs that take us on a journey to the decades between the 60s and the 90s, influenced by classic American inspirations, the glamor of the 70s, the mysterious secret agents and Hollywood glam. The collection includes handmade acetate eyeglasses as well as very thin or wide metal frames with a matte or shiny finish. The colors warm the cold season with silver, gold, grey and black tones as well as marble print designs.


There is the alluring classic American pilot style that has proven itself over time, accompanied by oval or rectangular lenses surrounded by a thin acetate or metal frame (there is also a combination of both for those so inclined).


Then there are wide lenses in interesting geometrics cuts and framed in thin gold-plated metal that turn your glasses into a real jewelry item. These eyeglasses are elegant and hypnotizing, enriched with contemporary elements that hark back to the glorious seventies.


Those who enjoy being the center of attention shouldn’t overlook a pair of oversize rectangular glasses. Thick acetate frames you can’t miss in black or leopard print combine to create a dramatic and daring style, as IN YOUR FACE as it gets. And if you want to add some mystery to your look, this season you will find a wide range of thin glasses, almost minimalist in style, that hide your eyes and give whoever wears them an elegant and intriguing appearance, a super sophisticated look both day and night. After all, we know that in preparing for your next secret mission you will definitely want a backup of style, and no less important – of quality!